Why are there no western Anime Artists?


This seems a bit weird because there have been hundreds thousands westerners who learn Manga art but up to this day still no Anime made by westerners.

Anyway this reasons are nonsense : - It won't be called as Anime if made by westerners, nope western producers have hired Asian animators to make many Anime for them. - It is cheaper to use Asian animators, nope because if that is the reason then all the western animations would have been made by hiring Asian animators but the fact is not even up to 10% of them. - There are Anime made by westerners such as avatar, nope too because first of all avatar is not an Anime because the art style are different from typical Anime, also the animators are Asian animators so it is really not made by westerners.

So what do you all think the reason? Is it because westerners are not able to fully comprehend the Manga art concept, westerners see making Anime only support Asians "supremacy" because the characters are based on Asians, or other reasons?



The main reason I think would be primarily the culture. Japanese animation or "Anime" is only a genre of "cartoon" which possesses it's own distinctive set of traits and styles. It was fundamentally created to distinct itself from Western animation. It's definitely unique from our Western counterparts. Artists (from let's say Disney) could very well shift towards Eastern animation but it wouldn't be profitable. A good analogy of this would be the equivalent of a American opening up a Chinese restaurant in China serving local Chinese food. Regardless of how good it the food is, people would still to some extent find the restaurant to be amateur-quality. Japan is also still quite homogenous as of right now, with people still "fearing" and "hating" working with people outside of their own culture. It's a sad truth but that's just how it works.

Now to fully answer the question, it's the culture and backgrounds that's preventing either side from hiring or shifting. Elements such the training, work experiences and reference materials are all very different. As I mentioned before this does not mean that you aren't able to make a debut into Japanese "Anime" or vice versa, although it's relatively difficult for an individual to get from one side to another. They want to hire people who have grown up primarily on that one particular style to work.

Anime was created uniquely to counter Western animation with each side maintaining their own distinctive styles and concepts. Merging or changing either would kind of destroy history itself.

Take a look at the history of Anime from wikipedia (if you haven't already) I found that the majority of the contents accurate and confirmable. You can really venture further if you want to.

[History of Anime1 <----- Here


Anime is japanese animation typically derived from manga. Manga is Japanese comics. I happen to have talked online to Westrener mangaka on Deviant Art. She lived in Japan and worked as manga assistant and also tried to sell her own manga. The problem( as she describes it) is that foreigners fall into a slightly different caste in japan, so regardless of skills it is very hard to cross the cultural barrier and there are doubts a westerner can understand enough about Japanese society to be able to make a manga for Japanese society.

The answer then is that there are Westren anime artists, they just don't receive enough recognition.

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