Is this course for absolut Beginners?


Hello Guys.

Unfortunately there is no "Contact" file or anything at all to find on this side, so i have to ask this Question here.

I am a Motion Designer/Compositor with 7 years of experience. I want to make a career change towards Illustration and maybe Concept Art within the next years without attempting a local Art School for now.

That is why i am asking if this course is also for the "total beginner" kind or is it first valuable when you have practiced your craft for a few years and need a boost in Quality? Are there any Tutorials that really tell you how to paint or draw rather then theory about composition and so?

I would be happy to hear from you guys!

Greetings from Germany


Yes, the course is geared for beginners to experts, and the skill levels of artists taking it fit on both sides of the spectrum.

I've added an image to demonstrate the overview of the course subjects. There are 4 stages in the course. Each stage opens 1 by 1.

Backed by solid testimonials, from users taking it right now.

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