Feels like I'm not progressing further.


I started figure drawing months ago and I feel like most of the time the vibe is there but then again it is lost because it comes out bland, stiff, and sometimes undesirable to me. What I mean by that is a lot of figure drawings lack main properties to make it stand out like adding eyes, hair, etc.This is a big problem because if I like and don't like certain things about my drawings most of the time I don't know where to pick up again and tend to get stuck, stop drawing, and or procrastinate. It's like a taboo and or bad karma for myself. Most of my figure art is at https://twitter.com/bhsamurai to get a better understanding. If anyone have any helpful advice please keep me posted


If you've hopped over to Youtube on this subject before, you've probably run across Sycra Yasin before. He talks about a lot of great things but the thing he talks about the most is mileage. This basically boils down to how much you use your hands in drawing and how often you draw.

Another thing he talks about is skill vs talent here:


Procrastination! We're all guilty of it. Sometimes we focus so much on our studies that it can be a drag to pull out the sketchbook to do another set of worksheet style learning studies. Art should be something that you're happy to do whenever you can, so what I've taken up recently is what I call "creative drawing". Drawings straight from imagination that really have no other goal other than to get you drawing. See that cola can in front of you? Draw it! Don't worry about rendering anything on it (unless that's relaxing to you), just draw.

----see's Twitter----

That bit of Spike is actually pretty good. Stuff like that is what I'm talking about. Just draw stuff from imagination and inspiration will hit. If you're like me, you have to kick yourself to start drawing, but once you start, you have to kick yourself to stop. You just have to get some way to "warm up" before doing realistic studies. Just by looking at your sketchwork, I can tell you're learning from Prokopenko. It's how I got my start as well

eh..rambling, but the point is:

Mileage will get you far,

draw from imagination to warm up

watch that video I linked. It's talking about what you're going through.


Try to go for longer on each figure drawing. You are lacking some fundamentals like proportion and perspective and scale. Keep working the lines in a loose way until they really match the body shapes. Focus on form. Try sketching lit models and focusing on the light and dark and how that reveals form. Try different things, try sketching out the forms as ellipses first before you define any lines. All these things can help you achieve better fundamentals of your figures. Art is relatively unrewarding until you push through to nail the fundamentals.


I think it helps to be humble about it, just draw without regard to if its good or bad, try to have fun with no judgement or worries. Think 'no one is going to see this' and just go on for a few hours (with little breaks in between maybe).

Also do anatomy and pose studies if you are not doing them already. even from photos it can help you build a better foundation. If you need to study methods to draw anatomy I recommend books by Andrew Loomis on figure drawing or lectures by Glenn Vilppu.

In terms of Design you might find it beneficial to first do simple thumbnails to flesh out the idea first before attempting to flesh it out.

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