Step 1: Create your Sketchbook

Your sketchbook is your art journey. No matter what skill level you are at, every artist here, has 1 thread, in the forums, their sketchbook.

Post your latest art i.e a sketch, a work in progress, and just get that thing going!

Important: New Sketchbooks are moderated before being approved. Please wait at least 24 hours to see it appear. After your account has been approved, no more waits!

Step 2: in a Nutshell

Fear not, you’re not alone! We have built some powerful tools for you to start on your art journey. ConceptArt is all about community, and we all work together on our journey to mastery.

The Forums

The forums is the heart and soul of community. You can literally journey 10 years into the past of an artist, retrace his steps, and and come forward to his latest post to see how far he has come. Some of these threads have over 2 million views, and today many of these artists are industry leaders in major game and entertainment companies.

The forums are large, from sketchbooks, to critiques, competitions, art law and legal advice about art. Its’ a great place to discover, be discovered and communicate with fellow artists.

Explore Forum

Ask your art questions

Do you have an art question? The most frustrating problem is not being able to find the best answers to what you’re experiencing and issues you have as an artist. The power of our collective mind of artists is unstoppable. Together we will get the best answer to your question. This is unlike a general question site, because you won’t have Joe the Plumber answering your art related question, but artists who will have your best interests in mind when replying.

Find Art Jobs and Gigs

This art jobs board stands above any others.  New Jobs are posted every day. It’s free for employers to post, and free for artists to apply.

Best of all, none of the job postings are syndicated through other sources. You get authentic job postings directly from the business itself and they are not spam. That’s how job searches should be.

LevelUp! Art Workshop

This workshop is designed for beginners to experts. It teaches you the core skills from one of the best instructors, and founder of

LevelUp! Online costs fractions of a university course and delivers studies from masters in the industry. You get feedback from the entire art community of LevelUppers.

As you proceed through the assignments and videos, you unlock more.

Artist - Showcase Your Art

When your finished with your artwork, upload it to Artist. You get your work in front of 450,000+ Artists and 8000+ Art Businesses.

Its’ a great way of building a portfolio to show to potential employers as well as getting your name out and established.

Keep in mind, we heavily moderate Artist. Finished Art only please as it is the front of the website. 🙂 And the page is for active forum members as we believe it should reflect members’ work.