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  • Professional CritiquesGet pro critiques on assignmentsProfessional Critiques
  • Community CritiquesWorkshop members critique each others workCommunity Critiques
  • Educational Videos and PresentationsWork at your own pace. Pause videos, watch anywhere.Educational Videos and Presentations
  • Direct Access to Your Art Mentor & Connect to the Artists Studying with YouDirect Access to Your Art Mentor & Connect to the Artists Studying with You
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  • Workshop Accessyes
  • Professional Critiquesyes
  • Community Critiquesyes
  • Educational Videos and Presentationsyes
  • Direct Access to Your Art Mentor & Connect to the Artists Studying with Youyes
  • Forum Enhancements & Moreyes
  • Guaranteed Improvementsyes

Hundreds of Artists Critiquing + Jason Manley Critiquing

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How often does Jason Critique?

Jason worked his butt off both creating content for the course and critiquing his students, but is having a sabbatical currently.

Important notes:

    • Not all assignments will be critiqued by Jason – they haven’t been since last year


    • Some assignments you may receive multiple critiques from other members.


    • Critiques are not regular. Read the assignments and the stickies closely to get the most out of it. But do not wait for a critique. Continue on assignments and videos.


    • Each member is required to critique two other members per assignment. More would be better as then you can see your own mistakes easier.


Is access immediate?

Access to Level 1 is immediate after payment. If there is a problem, please use the Contact Us email on the forum. The portal linked is slightly borked.Go here.

Do I need to complete Composition 1 of StartUp?

No, but its all to help you. Getting a subscription will still open Level 1 of Level Up, but you won’t advance much..

Can I see samples of the course and instructor?

Check out some of the free art videos and assignments. The premium content is an extension of this by the same instructor (Jason Manley. .See the Hall of Achievement to see the improvements of former members)

Are these subscriptions or one off payments?

They are subscriptions that can be cancelled at anytime. You have to cancel via your Paypal subscriptions – we cannot do this.

I just got the subscription, how do I get the password?

You need to complete Level 1 of Level Up first. This area should now opens immediately for access. Once you have completeld Level 1 of LevelUp, then request the password from Jason Manley. No one has yet to be given access to Level 2.

Do I get extra privledges around the forum?

Definately! As time goes, more will be added. These include:
-Larger personal inbox – 500 messages – Store more messages for historical records
-Improved Signatures – Allowed 2 images in signature – Get your name out better throughout the Forum & Industry
-Larger name display, Green Font to stand yourself out

How do I get to Level 2?

You will need to complete level 1. Then PM Jason Manley for password to open level 2,3,4. No one has as yet, but there is plenty in Level 1 to help you improve.

If I wanted to, how would I cancel the PayPal subscription?

If I cancel my subscription inside of PayPal before it expires, do I still have access?

Yes, definitely.

Will I still be access the videos after my subscription runs out? It’s just that I’m trying to pick from a few workshops and this one seems to be the most immediate.

LevelUp access only stays open during the duration of the subscription. If you go away for a period of time, during the subscription duration,its’ similar to not attending the gym while going on vacation. Good news though, you can start off where you left, if you join back in at a later date. Assignments you’ve done won’t be lost, and stages your conquered will be still conquered. If I were in your shoes I would chose a shorter duration subscription to start of with…Let it run its’ time. Do your traveling . Then get it again later and continue your progression where you left off. We are here to make you improve in your Art both short term and long term. You may have to ask for your threads to be moved, which will be done in 24 hours.

Is the workshop refundable?

Like 99% of workshops out there, this workshop is non-refundable.

Hey, I would like to buy a six month subscription but Paypal ask me to add a credit card.i didn’t have a credit card… is there a chance to pay without credit card ? For example I can send money to a Paypal Address so if you can give me the paypalladress I can pay manually.

The paypal is:paypal@conceptart.org, Them message David Ahmad for manual transfer into LevelUp.

How long does it take for my assignment to get reviewed?

How long is a piece of string?

Jason hasn’t critiqued my assignment

Keep going! 🙂 He hasn’t critiqued anyone for ages – join the club.