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What is this all about?  www.conceptart.org is a huge site and a beautiful community of artists from around the world.  We have tirelessly worked to help artists from every country of the world for the past 12 years.  These efforts include providing scholarship opportunities, life changing workshops, free job and employment services, and ways for artists to create, share, grow and support life as creatives.

Being an artist costs money.  There are Wacom’s to buy, computers, software, paints, pencils, papers and everything else we need to create.   This is a challenge we work to solve and have a solution right here, today.  In order to support the growth of artists and to cover the growing costs of the www.conceptart.org sites, we would appreciate your help in sharing and promoting these important artistic endeavors.  For the first time, we have found a way that members of the community and supporters, can give back, and also see the income needed to be an artist.

How to:

  1. Add your PayPal and Email by clicking on the “edit link” below.
  2. To earn money,  post your referral link provided to you in the “edit” box below. It will look like “http://www.conceptart.org/go/learn?ref=USER##.” 
  3. Read the TOS.  Check out the rules and how the payments work.
  4. You will earn money (25 percent of each new subscription), when any user purchases a subscription through your referral link.

Earn 25% Per New Subscription!

*During sale periods, the commission will be a percentage of the discounted price.

  • Referrals Per Month
  • 0-15
  • 15-30
  • 30-60
  • 60-120
  • 120-240
  • Max Potential Commissions
  • $487.50/month
  • $975/month
  • $1950.00/month
  • $3900/month
  • $7800/month

How does this chart work?

Figures above are calculated using the max range value of referrals within that row multiplied by the current “7 month” workshop price. Table prices may vary slightly depending on current LevelUp Pricing and discount.

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Video Embedables:

This is where I learned how to draw, can't reccomend it enough: http://www.conceptart.org/go/learn/free-trial/?ref=yourusername-#
Solid Art WorkShop by the ConceptArt.org guys: http://www.conceptart.org/go/learn/free-trial/?ref=yourusername-#
Hands down the best learning art learning experience: http://www.conceptart.org/go/learn/?ref=yourusername-#

Image Embedables:

The ConceptArt folks are giving away two free workshops... http://www.conceptart.org/go/learn/free-trial/?ref=yourusername-idLearned so much using ConceptArt.org's Workshop... http://www.conceptart.org/go/learn/pricing/?ref=yourusername-id
This is where I learned how to draw, can't reccomend it enough: http://www.conceptart.org/go/learn/free-trial/?ref=yourusername-id
Cheaper than going to College, and you'll learn more http://www.conceptart.org/go/learn/pricing/?ref=yourusername-id
If your looking to learn art, heres the start and endpoint. http://www.conceptart.org/go/learn/free-trial/?ref=yourusername-id

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Tips and Tricks:

    •  You can post these links in Facebook,Twitter, Google+, or on your website for maximum effect. Some users have found it extremely effective to post their referral link in large Facebook Groups and profiles. The more creative you are with your message to users and your link, the more clicks and referrals you can potentially get.
    • We have provided some Social Text and links, as well as HTML banners for your website.
    •  You can track your progress with in-depth analytics. You’ll be able to see how many times users clicked on your referral links, how many signups were caused do to your referral links, how many credits you are owed, and when you are paid.
    •  The more artists you know, the more you’ll make. Posting on Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Google + Profiles, Pages, tweeting it, emailing artsists, and sharing  your ConceptArt.org referral link in the description is also a great strategy for creating passive income with minimal work.
    • If you own a large Facebook Art Group, pinning your referral link, you’ll be able to monetize

Q: When user clicks on my affiliate link they get sent to http://www.conceptart.org/go/learn/. Is that correct?
A: When a user clicks on your affiliate link, they land on the Learn sales page. A cookie is now in their browser for the next 90 days that says you referred them.. If they buy a subscription within those next 90 days from that browser without clearing their cookies, then you will be credited for that sale. You can verify your tracking with the stats from the affiliate page.