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Study art from the masters and industry leaders.   Get great art workshops, and in-depth assignments that inspire and help you improve. Learn to draw and paint from the ground up, or improve your skills and refine your talent to reach your goals.

Get Feedback!

Easily create and upload your artwork and assignments, all at your own pace.  Share ideas freely. Be open to critique.  Get the great feedback you need to keep getting better at what you do.  Follow your creative heart.

Level Up!

Study art, idea development and design with like minds. Discover colleagues and kindred spirits.  Connect with talented artists that strive to improve.  We are all here to help you level up and we all love art.

A Community of Artists Growing Together

Want to see some inspiring results, and imagine the progress you can achieve?  Take a look  at the Level Up! member art showcase below.  Click any of these beautiful artist galleries and see how these talented artists are getting better and improving their art skills.

Who Should Take this Workshop?

Level Up! is a creative education program designed to help artists.

  • Concept Artists & Illustrators
  • Character Artists
  • Environment Artists
  • Industrial Designers
  • Creature Designers
  • 3D Artists & Animators
  • Fine Artists & Photographers
  • Start! - Free

    Easily join in and access the free Start! artist workshops and assignments today.  Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced professional artists!  Flexibly try the Start! experience at no cost, without opening your digital wallet. Registration takes less than a minute and is entirely free.  Start! includes composition 1.1 and color theory 1.1.  Press Start! and begin.

    If you want to jump in and take advantage of the discounted Stage 1 and the full Level Up program, you can do that too–right here.  

  • Join: Stage 1!

    Join and get immediate access to Level Up!  Stage 1 is geared to improve foundations in design, composition, color, drawing, painting, form, space, light and anatomy. Complete a stage and the next one opens up! 

  • Continue: Stage 2!

    Once you complete Stage 1 successfully, you will unlock Stage 2.  This next series of valuable workshops further develops art foundations and opens the doors to studies in concept art, personal art exploration, figure drawing and anatomy for artists.

  • Advance: Stage 3!

    Stage 3 covers workshops in concept art and idea development including character, creature, and industrial design. as well as art direction and I.P. development content.  Advanced figure drawing and painting begins. 

  • Finish: Stage 4; Pro

    The Pro Stage takes you through advanced overviews in world building, business, careers, freelance, personal and professional portfolio development, entrepreneurship overviews, marketing, and promotion.  Stage 4: Pro is designed to give you the information and additional support that you can’t get in art school…but need in your toolbox.  

More Details:

Invest in your passion.

We believe in the life-long path of studying art and striving to improve the necessary skills to succeed in the industry and in your personal artwork.

Level Up! includes:

On-Demand, Online Videos and Assignment based workshops covering a full spectrum of topics related to art and entertainment development.

Honest and constructive feedback on all your work from other members Leveling Up, as well as Level Up mentor and conceptart.org founder, Jason Manley.

And more…:

*Industry knowledge
*A full library of quality presentation videos and creative assignments.
*Ability to be featured across a powerful network of hundreds of thousands of artists and approximately 8000 creative companies
*Access to updates to LevelUp
*Access to Private forums and premium discussion
*ConceptArt Special Offers & GiveAways
*Level Up! members have even been featured in ImagineFX magazine and social media! We strive to promote those who excel and have the desire.


Level Up is a state of the art, on-demand, online workshop setting with in-depth assignments, built specifically for visual artists. In Level Up, you learn at your own pace and according to your schedule. You can access it anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, to gain deeper insights, take advantage of constructive critiques, see positive encouragement, and focus on the things you need to get better at what you do.

There are 5 major stages of progression in Level Up. Completing workshops will unlock more stages for you to continue your journey as an artist in this incredible program.

Reviews from Artists taking the Workshop

Bri in the sky

“Level up was just what I had been looking for. Real understanding of how everything works, assignments with clear objectives and feedback all without breaking the bank. You also get to work at your own pace, which is cool and leaves out the pressure aspect, but I’ve found it has given me extra motivation since starting. Now I have clear instructions set out in front of me, and some guidance, there are no more excuses. It’s down to me now to practice, learn and improve.”

Bri in the skyArtist and member

“So far the course teaches the essentials of an art education worth tens of thousands of dollars. The assignments are creative and fun. I know in the past couple weeks I’ve improved my art skill drastically in both technical ability and art theory. 

UbemmArtist and member
Raul Arbeloa

“This January I saw the Level up! announcement on a Friday and on Monday I signed up.
Level up! is giving me the opportunity of having the mentoring I have been
looking for years and the fighting chance to pursue my dream of being a good Concept Artist.

Jason does an excellent job commenting, correcting and cheering up people
to be self-demanding and get the best they can of their own work to improve
their abilities. Also I believe he is very conscious of his responsibility
and he really enjoys watching his students progress and helping them out.
As long as I can afford it and my right hand keeps working properly,
I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying here to learn from Jason Manley…”

Raul ArbeloaArtist and member

Level Up is by far one of the best learning experiences i’ve come across, Jason is an amazing mentor, in only a couple of weeks work i’ve learned so much and improved my art beyond my expectations, I’ve still got a VERY long way to go, but now I know i’m on the right track.

TomAzzaArtist and member
Nathan James Lough

“…the free assignments in Start have been extremely helpful, and Level Up looks like an excellent extension of those workshops, and very well structured – which is exactly what I need!”

Nathan James LoughArtist and member

“I’m gonna go ahead and say it; this program has been a big help to me already. I’m still forgetting to ‘think’ when I draw, but I see my faults sooner ( usually about 5 minutes after I posted now…), and its become easier to identify the main issues.  A lot of the first level stuff isnt even new to me; I’ve had a fair share of art-history in art school, it’s just somehow easier to apply this time around. maybe its the program, maybe I’m just older now.

AshessArtist and member

“OMG this is just what I need. Thank you so much for doing this!  Just signed up for 12 months. I’m looking forward to the courses.”

GallickaArtist and member

“I can’t believe how much this is sharpening my analytical ability when I now view my own works, and others (non-studies). I am excited about these studies, and am finding my ability to keep working a painting (I used to quit way to early) is increasing significantly. cheers!”

IloostraderArtist and member

“If you’re doubting to sign up; It’s pretty damn great, and you should sign up right now. No Youtube tutorial or googled instruction book on ‘how to draw’ comes close to getting some specific feedback from a professional, who also took the time to lay out a course for you with clear goals to aim for. I can’t tell you how much it helps to no longer wonder if you’re on the right track, because this way you know you are. 

You get pushed to get the maximum out of your work with the right feedback on how to achieve it, supported by the underlying theories on why, which are also fully explained in easy-to-understand videos. So you’re not only getting better, you also learn why the stuff you make is getting better. 

And the cherry on top? It’s really affordable compared to other art courses.  So if you’ve got the drive and are committed to becoming great, it’s worth saving up for and laying down some money.”

SaukemArtist and member