Hello potential artists,

For this years China International Circus Festival to be held in November 2019 in Zhuhai China, I had the idea of commissioning a one of a kind sculpture that would represent our festival for this year and the future years to come.  The idea would be that this piece of art would travel around the world to all the countries the competing performers will come from, with an accompanying video being filmed of it’s travels and return back to China.  Somewhat similar in fashion to the Olympic torch traveling the world before arriving at it’s host destination.  Ideally I see this piece being fashioned from multiple raw materials (glass, metal, wood, etc.), representing the many materials, textures, and cultures it takes to create a circus, but I am open to anything.  I have some ideas and some minimum requirements for the piece but I am also truly open to anything that may inspire you.  I do know I want it to be very detailed, artistic, and inspiring to all the performers and really capture the spirit of the circus.  I have this piece at about .5 meters tall by whatever it comes out to wide.

To be clear I’m not looking for the piece to be physically created, just need the concept art, whether that be full color painting or 3D render is up to you and the medium you work best in.

I have this one at about $300 but am open to negotiation if I really think you will create something stellar.  Thank you for considering this opportunity!  Please message me if you have any questions.



Brian Hutson