We’re currently looking for an experienced 3D Modeler specialized in the modeling of underground areas/rooms and the modeling of props for our team that’s developing a survival horror game.


The requirements are: 

  • You must be able to model props
  • You must be able to model underground and closed environments
  • You must be familiar with the horror/sci-fi genre
  • You must be able to texture your models
  • You must be able to model high poly/realistic models


About the game we’re creating: The game would be a sci-fi/post-apocalyptic survival horror 3D game with FPS (First person shooter) mechanics and an original setting and story based in a book (which I’m writing) scene, where a group of prisoners are left behind in an abandoned underground facility. It would play similar to Dead Space combined with Penumbra and SCP: Secret Laboratory, with the option of playing solo or multiplayer.


This is a revenue share project.


If you are interested in joining our team or would like to know more information about the game/project then you can message me in discord: world_creator#9524