We are in need of a UI/UX designer who will work with me on the GUI of the software which we are developing right now. It’s an IDE software called Grasp. We will make the GUI first in Photoshop of course so the applicant is expected to work in Photoshop. GUI implementation in the software is not your responsibility, only designing it.

Grasp is a lightweight, very fast IDE written in C# WPF (.NET Framework)
The plan is to make it very functional and at the same time fast, Visual Studio won’t have any core tools which we don’t have, but we will implement some game-changing innovative tools, which we believe improve the production speed and comfort
It will support many languages, will be very customizable, and most importantly, the pro version will be fully hackable (from a built-in terminal console with native for the IDE commands you can change basically everything). It will also have a builder for WPF, UWP and Windows Forms. And our innovative feature – the architecture builder – a tool, which will be used for setting rules and building the overall architecture of the software which in the long run for large companies with big software it will increase the productivity and efficiency in project testing and general maintenance.