Hi all, We are looking for a 2D artist for two separate aspects of CAR;ds, an upcoming card game for the PC.
Two different artistic needs, feel free to apply for either or both.

1 – Card Design
Design of a card in a card game including Layout and Font selection
Designing of 5 different Icons to go on the card
4 different banners that distinguish between rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare)
3 Different Icons for gear Change
Back of Card

2 – 2 items of Marketing Art
1 Large image to be used as Key Art
1 Logo

The game is bright and colourful with primary colours used to communicate with the player. Look at the Micro Machine toys and games for an artistic mood.
The game is a digital vehicle card game designed for speed that rewards aggression, strategic deck building, and thinking ahead.

Please send a link to your portfolio and if you have game experience please include a link to that too. Paid gig.