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Marquise $Museum is negotiating with fulfillers in Sweden to manufacture and deliver a hybrid crypto/fiat prepaid debitcard.

A prototype batch will be printed next year and delivered to VIP clients during a seedfunding round for a patent developed by the $Museum.

As a sophisticated marketing and branding tool, this hybrid debitcard system with personalized print will be licensed to 3000 smallcap crypto brands.

The benefit for the ecosystem is to introduce and familiarize novel users with smallcap brands while demystifying the purpose of crypto and anchor it as a mainstream payment solution using existing debitcard platforms.

For this purpose, Marquise $Museum is hiring graphic artists to convert smallcap logos into debitcard print similar to the image presented below.

This is the Marquise $Museum prototype prepaid hybrid debitcard which will be dispatched to VIP clients during patent fundraising round 1. It is possible to pre order an alternate version of this card on the website for private users with a maximum amount of $150 during phase 1. With increased adoption and production capacity, the cap will then be lifted with a KYC requirement during phase 2 rollout.