Seeking cartoon artist for possible self publishing board game.   Game consists of relatives at their grandmothers house hosting a party.   The players must cook dinner for all of the guests at the party.  The players enter various rooms within the house and collect ingredients.  Then players prepare meals in the kitchen and bbq and serve to the guests.


Preferred art style similar to “red dragon inn” or “tiny epic quests”


– Box cover illustration.  Image may show a party family gathering with people running out of the kitchen with meals in their hands.

– (6) Card illustrations.  Each illustration is an ingredient of some sort (meat, spices, vegetables, dairy)

– (8) Tile board illustrations.  Each illustration is a different party room in the house.  The rooms could have people dancing  in the background, or a room with people sitting and talking, etc.  require one kitchen illustration emphasizing on the stove.  Another Emphasizing a backyard bbq.

This is an early prototype game.  Art illustrations may decide to be different than what’s posted here.

Please provide:

A link to your portfolio.

Your proposed timeline to finish the art.

Your proposed budget to compete the work.