We need a skilled concept artist to do give us rough/thumbnail sheets of various demons, devils and hellish monsters.

We would need rough design sheets of 5-6 designs/thumbnails per sheet.
We can pay around $20-$25 per sheet (NOT per thumbnail).
If we do need a single B/W final from those rough sketches we can pay/add $10 more to that price.

Here’s a couple examples of what we would need:




We will need quite a bit of demons and devils and monster designs done.
At least 50 -60 monster design (rough) sheets.
At 3-4 Dark fantasy horror creature designs/per month as well.
Possibly props sheets for hell-type items and primitive settlements and possibly even Hellscape rough/thumbnails.
So being able to draw more than just creatures is a plus!

– Professional anatomy skills and knowledge
– Ability to transfer reference images/ideas into coherent original designs
– Meet deadlines and produce sketches at a good rate
– Being able to clearly show intended designs via B/W sketches
– Being able to design unique monsters

PLEASE DO NOT apply if you don’t have any sketches to show that not only relates to this job.
We also need to see the quality we will get for our price point we are offering.
We will NOT give anymore paid trials, as we have already wasted over $200 on this already.

Interested and qualified applicants should email Joseph at: