Please read and include your rates (or a range) in your submissions.

I am an independent board game publisher currently seeking an artist to collaborate with on one of our upcoming games, Lawyer Up. The game is an asymmetrical card game for 2 players where one player plays the defense and one player plays the prosecution. The bulk of the artwork needed right now revolves around the core decks for each player.  We are looking for an abstract or courtroom sketch approach so that these core decks will match all of the different legal case themes and different art styles that we have planned. The cards will be approximately 825px x 1125px at 300dpi but the artwork will not take up the whole area and will need to be landscape orientation (here is a link to the card template: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CRojECvvLp088MSW2aI-WkBM7puCR5u3/view?usp=sharing).

Please link specific examples of things that would fit the abstract / courtroom sketch vibe in your portfolio.

I plan on paying a 50% deposit upfront for each set of artwork (10-15) and then would pay the remaining 50% upon delivery with another 50% deposit for the next batch.  I strongly prefer paypal for fast, easy and secure payment.

Please respond with a link to your portfolio/website and bid/rate for each card or piece of original art.  I estimate that I will need approximately 30 pieces of artwork.