We are looking for some artists who can help us with our designs, in particular we are hunting up an illlustrator and a 3D modeller for our studio based in Alicante (Spain).

Our company designs different projects for the amusement parks industry, working with the main operators in the area and different IP’s.

We need an illustrator who manages the following skills:
– Digital Freehand drawing, color and line drawing.
– Scenes drawing, setting and/or sketch.
– Managing Photoshop and InDesign.
– Good knowledge about Human Anatomy.

And also a 3D modeller able to use:
– Zbrush and 3DMaxStudio.
– Illustrator, Photoshop and AutoCAD.
– Good knowledge in Sculpting.

We offer a stable job, if you think you could be interested, please send us your portfolio!