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Hi, I am a games designer wanting the box art for a small card game. In the game players embezzle money by giving each other terrible, terrible choices. The box art is required, but if appropriate would also be used, either in whole or part, as art for the card backs.

I am looking for something quite abstract. Easily my favourite box art covers are by Oink games (especially Insider):

I adore the bold colours and clean crisp shapes which merely hint at the gameplay and theme. I would also want art which could wrap around the box whilst leaving room for information. I don’t want anything detailed, lifelike, or busy.

The Job

The box is currently 62x86x19mm, and the artwork would need to wrap around all faces, with most of that being a solid colour. The front 62x86mm would be where the bulk of the artwork actually is, with some bits wrapping around the sides and back. The dimensions could still change, but not to such an extent it will effect the main bulk of the artwork (the box may be thicker for example). There should be space left for the name of the game, but the style and size of this will depend upon the art, and I’d really appreciate some guidance from the artist on this point, as I wouldn’t want the two things to be mismatched. Finally I’d like the artwork to be high resolution for adverts/posters etc.

I will initially pay for some sketches of ideas from the artist, and then when a final design is chosen, pay for that to be completed.

To Apply

Please provide:

A link to your work which you think best represents the style I’ve asked for here.

A timeline of when you think you can have the piece done by

A proposed budget.

Many thanks!