This is not an urgent job, it will stretch within a few months period.

I am having 144 models done in 3D, I need at least 36 or 48 of them digitally painted.
Not the 3d texturing, just coloring the provided 2D image.

Attached an example of a 3d render and how should it be colored.

I will also need (quoted later) more graphic work done to support the models on a Kickstarter campaign. This will include:

Framed boxes to display the models. I will place the models in them.
Banners for KS, FB, advertisment and webpage.
Minor graphic work for other needs.

Applicant must be fluent in English and/or Italian. English only is perfect.
Must provide me with work done in the past that is pertinent to my requests. A portfolio doesn’t always reflect the artist capacity.
Provide me with a realistic price to do 36 models.

Also but not necessary, the ability to make renders from 3D models in STL format.

This project needs to be completed in about 2 months.

More information will be given if requested.

PLEASE note these are not my models or my images but they give you an example of what I need done.

3D render example:

Colored example: