Greetings Fellow Artists & Illustrators,

I’m putting together a team to help make an epic fantasy board game come to life. We’re looking for talented illustrators, concept artists, and card artists to concept and illustrate several pieces each, depicting dynamic battle scenes, soldiers, fantasy concepts, and the contribute to the visual look of the characters and races in the game. I’ve already helped lay the artistic groundwork and preliminary development, and now the time has come to bring on more artists.

As both Illustrator and Art Director, I have and will be contributing the foundational illustrations, setting the stylistic tone, look, and feel, and will help direct our team to match that style. We will need all the artwork to be cohesive and look like a unified game, so you will need to be able to adapt to the style I’ve set forth. I am hoping to assign each artist their own unit set/race, and let each artist use their creative discretion to make each race unique and bring their own flair within the style of the game.

The work will need to be done on a fairly quick basis, and as such we are looking to bring this team together quickly as well. As the AD, I’ve already set the style and quality bar needed for each piece, and the estimated cost as well. If you can match the style and the price works for you, and you’ve got enough time in your schedule, then we’re interested! Candidates with whom we are moving forward will be provided additional details and examples of our existing art style, and you’ll of course be free to ask questions.

The basic brief for many of the illustrations are:

style: loose and painterly with isolated areas of detail; atmospheric concept art; Craig Mullins inspired

price: $240 per illustration, with an estimated 8-10 hour workload each. Each chosen artist will be commissioned for one piece initially, with the other pieces being commissioned afterward and we’re all happy with the outcome. Payment will be via a 50% retainer upfront, with the final 50% paid upon satisfactory completion of the artwork subject to client approval.

description: typically a handful of military units in a dynamic composition, adhering to specific unit standards and consistent world building concepts (your units should all look like the same species, race, army, but with differences between their function.).

To Apply:

Please read these instructions carefully – failure to do will result in…. well, failure. Let’s not waste each others’ time, ok? If you can’t follow direction now, chances are you won’t in the future.

1. Email us your application to pkgameart at gmail dot com
2. Provide us with a link to your portfolio of artwork. Generic thumbnails in replies and PM’s won’t be considered (I don’t check these sites individually often). Existing artwork that matches the style or theme would be awesome, but as an Illustrator myself I can spot if you’ve got the skills regardless, so no worries.
3. Provide us with a short explanation of your artistic experience
4. Place in the subject line of your email “ Artist Applicant for EK”
5. Swear your undying love and devotion to my dog, Miss Himo, rightful Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Khaleesi of the Dog Park, breaker of tennis balls, the well-fed.
6. State how many illustrations you would be willing to do in the space of the next month or 2, as well as your potential for doing additional artwork further into the year for this client.
7. I’d like to communicate through Discord, but if not let me know what communication app works for you.
8. Be willing to sign an NDA. Limited release of images for use in your portfolio are allowed, but only upon approval. I know how important showing off your latest greatest artwork is for getting better and better gigs, so I’ll do what I can to help out.

Thanks, and good luck everyone!


Art Director & Illustrator

PK Game Art