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I have been working on a Sci-Fi themed RPG for a while now, and would like a piece as a visual guide/representation as I work on the rest of the project. Down the line, I would potentially be looking for (a lot) more artwork in the same style when and if the book is completed and heading to editing and layout, but of course I couldn’t promise that future work. Right now what I would really like is a lineart sketch of a small group of figures.

The setting is one of humans in space who have “uplifted” (i.e. genetically modified) Gorillas, Orangutans and Octopai into sentient/sapient species, so the picture I am envisioning in my head would have a Human, a Gorilla, An Orang, an Octopus, an Android, and a “Gobb” – the only actual xeno species humans have encountered in my game, who are unfortunate small ugly bipeds who look a bit like grey goblins (Hence humans calling them Gobbs).

The figures would be standing like they were lining up for a “family” photograph, perhaps with the Octopus in the middle with a couple of tentacles across the shoulders of figures on each side but also holding a large looking blaster rifle in two tentacles. They would all be wearing sci-fi-ish looking uniforms (the same uniform, probably the octopus would need to have something different but suggestive of it). I picture the Orang as an engineer, looking a bit like a grease monkey with a toolbelt or whatever, the Gorilla probably holding an energy sword (not a lightsabre, picture an actual sword but with electricity running up and down the blade) and looking gruff (maybe he’s even really stereotypical and has a cigar?), human looking a bit more dignified (probably a woman but it doesn’t matter) maybe with a clipboard/tablet and a blaster pistol in a holster. The Gobb might be standing in the front and looking a bit uncomfortable to be there.

I want this as something to help spur my creative juices as I work on the game, but also to use in the final product if and when it gets published (at which point, as I said, I would want a lot more art in the same style but certainly can’t promise that or give any kind of timeline).Can you please let me know how much it would cost to get you to make that for me