My Name is Shesley and I’m creating a Medival Fantasy game, and I’m looking for an artist to create it, the main objective is creating characters and in the future, some environments, not just to have some scenario but to create some art for marketing of the game.


Do not need to have experience in the area.

Characters Draw: It will need 3 draws, Front, Back and Side without arms.


1.  All arts can be black and white, because I will paint them myself, if you want you can put a sample of colors in each part of the draw as a reference, in case you have an idea for good colors for that character.

2.  I will send a list of some characters that I already created and I will send one photo, which exemplifies very well my vision of that character and I will also send in a short text or a sentence talking about that character.

3.  The job now is Unpaid, but if the project grows and your job is being helpfull, it could be paid and your name will be addressed in the whole productions’s credits.

Shesley.ha@gmail.com  /  This is my email for contact and more information, this will be our way of communication and where I will send everything thats related with your art.  PS: I don’t own a company yet.

About no name

I'm not a company yet, but soon I will create one.