In search of an independent animator or small animation team/studio and concept artist for DRAGONFLY (working title), a dramatic short film about the Tokyo firebombing of March 9-10, 1945. Looking for someone who can take the lead on all parts of pre-production and production, including concept art, storyboards, animatic, to final animation.

Animation style: 2D computer and/or hand-drawn animation with limited movement and parallax.

Art Style: Watercolor, oil, acrylics, blurry, dream-like for one part; then ink, charcoal, black & white, sepia, monochrome for the other part.

Rate: $1,000 per minute of finished animation (negotiable, depending on funding). Project is currently estimated to run between 8-12 minutes. Please note that financing is NOT yet obtained for this project, and if budget allows us to do more in this department, we will definitely do it.

Candidates can be from anywhere in the world, as long as you can communicate in English, and are accessible online. Rate is the same whether you work alone or with a team. There is currently no specified time frame, deadline or time constraints related to this project. Do note that because this is a low-budget production, we are not expecting to be able to hire an animator who can work on this project as their one, full-time job. Please consider this more of a part-time job or freelance side-gig. Please submit any/all websites, reels, portfolios, etc., especially anything that you think might be relevant to this project. If we are interested, we will then reach out with our script and project bible for you to further review. Thank you!