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In Potemkin Empire, players will erect phony buildings among real ones in order to fool investors to gain monetary support for your “flourishing” city. Beware spies sent to uncover your scheme and knock down your facade.


Colorful baroque Russian architecture, varied building types, with a movie set style backside.

Examples: Building fronts, Building backs


• (1) 200mmx150mm box cover illustration, +6mm bleed on all sides, with about 30-50mm of upper clearance for the logo. Image shows a posh 17th Russian village facing a river bank. The view is angled down the river so that we can also see that all of the buildings are fake wooden facades.
• (5) 70mm x 70mm card illustrations, +6mm bleed on all sides. These are straight-ahead front views of baroque Russian architecture. Each should have a distinct silhouette and color-scheme. Buildings are categorized as Culture, Government, Industry, Espionage, or Science.
• (1) 70mm x 70mm card illustration, +6mm bleed on all sides. This is the back side of the false building facade, showing bare plywood, wooden beams, and poor craftsmanship. It should look like the back side of a stage decoration or movie set.


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