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Some of you may remember my name or my Project. Some time ago i have searched for Concept Artists for the coming Kickstarter Campaign of the Graphic Novel “Hauptmann Vaterland”. Many of you have written us and we have choosen a few to design some really great Concept Arts. Now we search for the Grapic Novel Designer himself and our requirements are the following.

  •  You can speak and write fluently english (if you can speak german aswell it would help alot)
  • You have enough time in the following months to work with us and to communicate on at least a weekly basis.
  • It would also help if you yourself are interested in our scenario so you can really work on 100% percent.

If you think this criteria suit you write us an E-Mail to team@hauptmann-vaterland.com please include also an approximate price for 60-70 pages of high quality work our desired design would go heavily in the direction of other more dark Grapic Novels like Watchmen and Batman so you should also be able to draw in a more darkish way. I will also include our official Description for anyone interested.

We are eager to receive your applications.


Hello Dear Reader,

The following text is the description of our coming Kickstarter Project. Our goal is to create a large scenario in which Germany has won World War 2 as a Graphic Novel.

So what is our project really about? We want to create a graphic novel in a very exciting scenario. We think our scenario hasn’t been touched much in popular culture, although it’s very interesting.

The idea of our scenario is the following:

The Germans have won World War 2 and are now 30 years later reigning supreme over Europe but their victory has come with great cost. The once proud capital of the British Empire, London, has been wiped out of existence by a nuclear bomb.

The Third Reich has faced great change during and after the war and it’s not the same as it was when Hitler once came to power. Hitler died during the war in Operation Walküre and the popular Rommel was elected as the new Reichskanzler. Under Rommels leadership the Reich won the war and had an era of peace and prosperity on the cost of the subjugated Europe.

But Rommels era of peace didn’t last long and now 30 years after the war the Reich is again in great turmoil. After Rommels death riots broke out in whole Europe and Germany had to use all its power to crush them. As a consequence the military began to take over the Leadership and the Reich is now ruled by a council of Generals and important ministers.

Hitlers once proud personal bodyguard the SS is now nothing more than a terrorist organization which wants to take over the Reich for themselves. Himmler has even tried to coup against Rommel during the war but failed because the military supported Rommel. But intelligence lately suggests the SS is planning something big and the future of the Reich, Europe and maybe the World itself is in great danger.

The Americans haven’t followed their “Germany First” strategy during the war and instead concentrated on crushing Japan first. They landed on the Japan Mainland and had a long campaign with great losses on both sides but in the end they defeated the Japanese and conquered much of the Japanese occupied territory in Asia for themselves. During the War General Mc Arthur was the great Hero of the Hour and he was elected as the new President after Roosevelts Death. At the beginning of his Presidency he was cheered by the People but with time he accomplished to push through new laws to eradicate Democracy in the US. Critical minds tell now that the US is not very far away from becoming a Dictatorship like Germany.

The two Superpowers are now in a fragile Cold War and tensions are rising again.

Some of you may find that this sounds so far not very new but what makes our scenario really special is the fact that we have a Superhero.

Not a common American Superhero like Superman or Captain America.
No our Superhero works for the Third Reich and is called “Hauptmann Vaterland”. Hauptmann Vaterland will be the main Protagonist although he works in our scenario not really for the “good guys”.

Our group really likes the dark touch of the Batman universe and we want to adopt much of that in our own world.Other great inspirations for our scenario are Sin City and Watchmen for example especially the graphic style of those come very close to the one we want to create for our own graphic novel but we also want to create something new and special and we think we can do this.

We are all very interested in History and we know enough about the topic to create and adopt real awesome things for our scenario.

We think we have very interesting locations in the destroyed London, Germania the new Capital of Germany, the Peenemünde Army Research Center and the mysterious Wewelsburg the former HQ of the SS to name only a few who will appear in the first editions.

Our Superhero is also for example still a human being with all his faults and strengths. He will of course save the World but he will also handle personal problems and make a lot of character development and there may be things happen that question his loyalty to the Reich.

We have a really clear vision about him and a very good backstory that will definitely please you.

I hope this gives you a good overview about our Project and the world we want to create. Our ultimate goal is not only to create a Graphic Novel, we really want to create a long term universe because we think our scenario has the potential to grow over time.

We think with your help we can do something as equally big as DC has done with Batman or Marvel with Ironman. You can definitely trust us when we say we have the will to do that. We have new story ideas every day and we could possibly write 30 graphic novels in our universe at this time. So we are really excited about this chance and are very eager to receive your Feedback.

The last thing we want to clarify is that we are on no account Nazis or right wing extremists ourselves. We dissociate us from the real life nazi regime and their crimes.

We only want to create this world because we are all three huge history fans and offside from the atrocities, World War 2 is a very interesting time period, and I think many of you have also asked yourself the question how our world would have looked like if Germany had won the war.

Thank you for reading so far.

To apply for this job email your details to team@hauptmann-vaterland.com

Apply using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook

Hauptmann Vaterland

Graphic Novel in an alternative History timeline