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Welcome One & All!

We are Hard Hat Games or HHG for short and we are a small growing Indie Development Team. We have been hard at work at our latest title. If you want to see what we are made of we do have many forms of social media in order for you to see what we are up to and our skills here at Hard Hat Games. We do have some spots to fill here at HHG, people like you with amazing talents in the fields that we require at the specific time.

Our Story-line

Our first title is based in the 1400′s. You live in a very advanced village for it’s time, though scientifically advanced they still service one person and that is God. The village is very fearful of god and do what must be done at any cost for gods will. Burnings and hangings come from the smallest of children to the oldest of men. Witchcraft was also hated among the people. Any amount of witchcraft or spell-crafting is hanged on the spot by the king himself.

You play as Davyd, a son of a carpenter who has recently gone missing. You mother has died giving birth to you and cannot be there during your childhood so your father is the only one you can rely on. Your father did keep your birth secret from the village in order to keep you save. You must now go into a village that you have never seen in order to find what happened to your father and what is happening to the village around you.

People We Are Needing To Join Us

3D Animator & Rigger / Number of Spots available : 2 / 3

Skills Required :  Rigging and Setting up Character Models with Complex Animations
We are looking for a talented animator/rigger who will be able to bring our creations to life. We have just made the room possible for this type work to be done here and more and more of the characters and props are being finished.

Programmer / Number of Spots available : 2 / 3

Languages Required : Unreal Script / C++
We started this project in the late 2013 and here that Unreal 4 will be released soon, our project will be moved from Unreal 3 to 4 in order to specs up to date. C++ is not required at start as we do have programs to help people learn new skills that they wish to learn.

2D Generalist / Number of Spots available : 2 / 3

Skills Required : HUD Design + Animations / Detailed Concept Design
The reason why we have asked for a generalist is because any things are needed in HHG at the moment at there is a great chance that you will be moved assignment to assignment that fit within your skill range in order to get up-coming work done. HUD Designers + Animaters are needed more however as we are planning to build a new time of HUD that has been in the planning stages for some time now.

3D Artists / Number of Spots available : 4 / 5

Skills Required : Texture Art / Model Design
We are in Beta currently and are in need of 3D Artists in order to speed up the process of the game in order for the first wave of payments to be sent out. Everything will be custom so this is going to take some time in order to finish everything that is needed for this game to have done before being checked into Beta. We are also making this game HQ so that skill would be appreciated as well.

SFX Designer / Number of Spots available : 1 / 2

Skills Required :
Developing Sound Effects / Music Notes For Interactive Items
The reason why we opened up this spot is because we have recently realized that we didn’t have a strong music department. When it comes to horror games, music and sound mean everything. So we are here by build up our spots in order to create a better feel for the player as well as for the developer.


We Also Accept Internships

Hard Hat Games over it’s short time of being alive have always wanted to give everyone a way to join us. We opened our doors to internships not to long ago and now we currently have 2 internships running at the current moment. We can always accept more as there is so much work to be done.


To apply for this job email your details to career@hardhatgames.net

Apply using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook

Hard Hat Games

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