Hello everyone,

I am looking for a pixel artist for Dwerve – an upcoming tower defense dungeon crawler for PC and possibly consoles and mobile.

This is a paid part-time position.

Header image

High Concept

Trolls have ransacked your village during the day without turning to stone. Armed with turrets and traps, you adventure into dungeons crawling with dwarf-thirsty fiends to hack ‘em to pieces and burn ‘em to ash. Do you have the nuts (and bolts) to explore deep enough to destroy their secret weapon?

Art Style

Sprites will be designed for a 16×16 grid. It must match the current art style, but exceed it’s quality – we want to take the visuals to the next level. Can you make this screenshot look even better?


Tasks include creating:

– Level tilesets
– Character and boss sprites
– Tower and trap sprites
– Character portraits
– User interfaces
– Particle textures

About us

Peter and I (PJ) are game developers based in Tampa, Florida. In 2015, we co-developed our first commercial game, Blacksea Odyssey. We worked with multiple publishers and the Kickstarter community to bring the game to Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We have been working on Dwerve, our second commercial game, since January.

Prototype build/video

If you want to check out the game, download and play the prototype build, which simply demonstrates the core gameplay mechanics and preliminary art style. It is not by any means a complete representation of the final game. Alternatively, you can watch this Dwerve Prototype Gameplay YouTube video.

Apply via email

Email your resume and portfolio to contact@halfhumangames.com to apply. Feel free to send demo sprites that match the current art style! 😀

– PJ