The team at Goldhawk Interactive are looking for a remote 3D artist to model up some characters for our upcoming strategy game Xenonauts 2.

The task is to produce a male human 3D model with realistic proportions and approximately 20 different layers of clothing: 4 hats, 7 upper body garments, 3 types of legwear, 3 types of shoes, and two full-body garments (e.g. overalls). All of these are real-world items of clothing and references will be provided for each garment.

Technical Requirements:

  • Final model must be provided as a .fbx file
  • Polycount: 8,000 – 10,000 triangles (assuming the final model has one set of shoes, one set of trousers and one upper body clothing item active)
  • Textures: 2k or 4k, in .png or .tif format
  • We use the specular / gloss workflow in Unity, so we need the following texture maps: albedo, specular, ambient occlusion, normal

How to Apply:

Please send us your 3D character art portfolio and your estimated hourly rates when you make your application.