Our latest project is on its way and we’re in need of a few more artists to help fill the gaps in our production.  We’re looking for artists who are consistent, determined and well versed in the style of Bluth for our character types.  If you’re capable of producing quality work (VN level) and enjoy monster girls combined with no inhibitions, then we need to talk.

Shoot an email to sirbink@protonmail.com along with some examples of your work that are in the style of Don Bluth.  For the sake of efficiency, we will not respond to messages that only contain “links to your portfolios”.  We also will likely not respond if we don’t see attachments that contain examples of your work in the Bluth style.

We offer contractual work along with legal guarantees so you’re paid for the work you do (never need to worry about being unpaid).  We use Telegram and ProtonMail for our communication and you’ll need both so if interested, please install Telegram so we can get our team in touch with you on a more direct basis.

The work WILL feature full sex scenes so if you have moral reservations, this isn’t the job for you.

FD Studio

About Fractured Dick Studio

Multi-person studio dedicated to fan-service anime, manga, hentai and ecchi games and novels.  We distribute our work through multiple platforms to help get the product to the most fans possible.  We are building towards being a brick and mortar operation and have ZERO interest in doing pump & dump game development.