Hello! Firebyte Games is currently looking for a 2D GAME ARTIST to join our growing team. The artist will primarily have to create UI assets and others (such as isometric buildings and boxes) for a current project.


  • Profound knowledge of Photoshop
  • Using a graphic tablet
  • Digital painting
  • Knowledge of primary UI technical requirements
  • At least 1 year experience in the gaming industry

We would prefer local artists, but we are open to freelance work as well.

Please send a link to your portfolio and any relevant experience.


About Firebyte Games

Firebyte Games is a mobile games development start-up studio located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We make games through passion and dedication for everyone. Our vision reflects in a world where people interact with one another in a fun way through technology.

The mission that we stand for is to deliver finest quality strategy games that people will play for ages.
Believing that good ideas come from great people with an outside-the-box mindset and a continuous thirst for knowledge, we gather the best team in order to make the best games.