We at Fire Totem, are currently looking for more game developers to join us to help develop our first project.

Looking For: At the time of writing, we are currently accepting Game designers, 3D modellers and UI artists (please check the website for current available/targeted roles).

My role: Technical lead (programming, configuration, integration, etc.), lead game designer, founder and team lead.

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4 as our main development platform, Apache Subversion (SVN) as our version control and centralised sharing system and Discord as our messaging platform (additional free software is also used). Our target platform is Windows PC.

Project: The game is currently in the early stages of development and design is ongoing. It is a multiplayer game focusing on turn based PvP with fast paced martial arts oriented combat in a stylised art style, set in an oriental setting (see fuller synopsis on the website).

Length of the Project: It is a live multiplayer title, so the project is ongoing with planned multiple release stages. Project scope is controlled through iterative design to ensure its delivery.

Revenue share: Negotiable.

Requirements: Please check the website for up to date requirements. In general you are expected to have some experience in your role (not having previous game development experience is okay) and be able to work independently. If you are just starting in your respective skill/role, I’m afraid we don’t focus on offering mentorship, so consider doing some game-jams instead/prior.

Contact: You can apply or get in touch with us by joining our Discord server via https://www.firetotem.com

Many thanks,

Fire Totem