I am looking for a graphic artist/colorist to partner with me to complete a vast array of character concepts. I have too many ideas in my head and not enough produced on paper or visually. These characters will be designed and used in graphic novels and possibly video games.

The goal of this/these projects is to fashion them to completion so that they can be trademarked and copyrighted. When presented to potential buyers, our audience and admirers, I’d like for them to be really detailed and polished.

This is NOT an immediate paying job but compensation will come. Notoriety will come. Just join and assist me and we can AND will do great things!


What I’m Looking For:

  • Preferably a female partner
  • Between the ages of 24 – 45
  • No work experience necessary but skill and a portfolio are expected.
  • Degree, some college, in college or some kind of education preferable
  • Must speak and write fluently in English
  • Creativity, insight, and vision are key factors to possess
  • In The United States
  • 3D modeling a HUGE plus but not necessary!


*** When applying, please include your name, age and location with your portfolio or links to your portfolio or webpages. Please write a brief description about yourself including how long you’ve been drawing and such, and where you learned or what inspired you to draw or be an artist.


Thank you for your time and consideration! I look forward to hearing from and working with you!