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Diadem Studios is looking for a Lead Artist

We’re looking for a creative visionary who can help define the art direction for our game, Blue Monarch.  Our vision is to create a rich science fiction universe that can be experienced across multiple media platforms.  We’ve already released two products and are working on a Next Generation console game titled Blue Monarch.

Every position at Diadem Studios has a legally signed document that outlines a profit sharing model.  It is our sincere intention to fairly compensate everyone involved.

The project Diadem Studios is working on has potential. But a good idea is only made into an incredible idea when there’s a team of exceptionally talented individuals behind it.  Consider this an opportunity to lead an entire team and grow your portfolio in ways that a simple contracting job could never achieve.

Contact us for more information about Blue Monarch or Diadem Studios.  We’d love to have a creative and driven artist join our team!


Brent Strandy :: CEO – Diadem Studios

Game and Studio Details

Diadem Studios Employees:

3 Developers, 3 Artists, 1 Designer, 1 Writer, 1 Audio Composer

Released Products:

Specimen (Available on iOS; Android and WP8 coming soon)

Cerulean Rising: Beginnings (Novella)

Blue Monarch Game Details:

Blue Monarch is a 2.5D online side-scrolling fighting arena game where two teams of 5 players battle to control strategic map elements while leveling up individually and as a team.

In summary, think MOBA (League of Legends, DOTA, etc) crossed with Super Smash Brothers.

Players begin by joining a matchmaking game of 5v5. From here they choose the character they want to play as. Each character looks different with a different set of moves – tank, healer, assassin, fighter, etc. When the game starts the players work as a team to destroy the opposing team. Throughout the game players will earn energy which they can spend to claim strategic map points (turrets, bridges, teleports, buffs, etc), or improve their character. The game ends when one team overtakes the other team’s spawn point.

Diadem Studios