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Important note: This is a real, paid job. No “promised” money, or weird rev-share; only tangible paychecks. We are looking to recruit someone in the European timezone to stay on the team for the full duration of the project, minimum (ideally, stay for the post-release and next projects as well).

About Us

At DPS, we believe that video games are an emotional and personal medium, so we will always value your voice, opinions, and ideas. You’ll be encouraged to share what you’re thinking and bring your creative flare and inspirations to the table. If you suggest something new or say directly that you disagree with something and back up your thoughts with logic, you become a keeper for us.

As you can imagine, this is not our first rodeo. The project we’re now wrapping up (and will support after full release) is Rise of Industry. It’s a strategic tycoon game that puts you in the shoes of an early 20th-century industrialist. We’re set on resurrecting the good old industrial tycoon games of the 90s, with modern twists. The game is still under development, and major game-changing updates are constantly rolled out. With player feedback and support we can make this game a real classic of the genre. Made by fans, for fans! You can check out the game here:

To avoid any confusion, we are not shifting resources, budget, time, or effort from Rise of Industry to this new project. We are planning to expand the team, so we can work on both projects at the same time. Active development of this new one will begin after Rise is finished, to give both the full attention they both deserve.

We are looking for an European Concept Artist!

Ok, let’s get to why you’re here. You know how to draw pretty stuff, and you need to pay rent; let’s make this work. First, let me explain exactly what is going on right now:

The new game has a focus on everything cooking related: kitchens, restaurants, food trucks, etc. This means art; lots of art. We would like to find someone that is comfortable in doing not just turntables of character concepts, but also environments and moods. Right now we’re in pre-production stage, meaning the budget is allocated and we have an estimated timeline, so all we need to do is make the prototype/proof of concept. Where do you fit in? We need a handful of characters, some props, and lots of environments to start modelling.

When that is done, the coders and modellers work their magic for a few months (framework creation, architecture, design, etc), and then we can start actual development (planned to take 9-12 months). In other words: need a burst of art ready, wait a few months, and in late April begin working, producing art non-stop for up to a year (or more, if we include post-release stuff).

Now, the usual, HR-approved bullet points:


  • Keen interest in tycoon/simulation games (GameDev Tycoon, Restaurant Empire…)
  • Love food and everything that surrounds the culinary world
  • 2+ years of experience in game development concept art creation
  • Passion for creating concept art, all in low-poly stylised aesthetics
  • Highly proficient with Photoshop or other 2D art and painting programs
  • A good understanding of character design, perspective, lighting, and colour theory
  • Experience with the creation of orthographic schematics for characters, sets, or props
  • Able to communicate well and work under supervision
  • Excellent work ethic and eagerness to learn

Again, this is a paid position, but please keep in mind we’re not a big studio like EA or Ubisoft, thus we lack their budget (someday…), so please keep this in mind when stating your salary expectations. Everything you say will be heard, as you are not a mere number (employee #451) but a person, with your own individual thoughts and feelings. Please note that as this is an important role, and there will be questions and exercises taking place during the interviews. We raised the bar quite a bit, so get ready to be tested!

Application Requests

  • Curriculum Vitae / Résumé
  • Portfolio / Website
  • Salary Expectations
  • Availability to start with the initial burst

Please note that if you do not have a Portfolio / Website available, we will need to be able to review some of your previous work before we can fully process your application. You can send everything to our email

Looking forward to sitting down and chatting with you!