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So the main idea is to have a dwarf-like wizard with some sort of magical effects around. Most of the character should be able to fit into a circle, so that I can use it as a display picture, like this:
I would like the character to least bear some resemblance to me, but it doesn’t have to look exactly like me. I’m not sure the glasses will look good on this, so they’ll probably have to be dropped. (here’s my reference photo:
The beard is important, it shouldn’t be long like most dwarf wizard references, but something more like this:

My ideal work would be a combination of these two concepts/images: – small dwarf-like size, wizard-looking clothes, cool magic/fire effects – good human face and expression with beard (although should be a bit shorter), better pose than the previous, nice wizard clothes, nice magic staff and magic effects

So to reiterate, these are the requirements:
* Dwarf size (needs to fits in a circle)
* Look a bit like me, with a beard slightly bigger, possibly a bit older
* Clothes similar to the two examples above
* Some kind of magical light effects, like the two above (magical weapon optional)

More references I like:

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Thank you!