Hello everyone, my name is Todd, and I represent BlackMagicWolf Productions.

Our company has made many comic books in the past, and we’re looking to start what would be our next ongoing series. It’s an anime-style comic called “Tokyo Blade Detectives”.

It’s set in a future version of Japan where technology is very advanced and the capital is filled with factions and gangs trying to take over from the government.

As noted, this is an anime-style comic, and I need someone who can do anime-style graphics. I have attached to this ad a piece of concept art of one of the main characters. That is the style I’d like to have, but I will accept a slightly different style if it’s good.

To be clear, this is going to be a Kickstarter project. We’ll make the first set of pages, then use those to bring people into the Kickstarter so we can both finish the issue and hopefully begin work on #2. I WILL PAY for the beginning pages though, and then the rest of the pages will be funded through the Kickstarter itself.

I would prefer an all-in-one artist, but if I need two, I will do that. I do have a budget however, so keep that in mind.

Edit: I’ve been seeing a lot of illustrators and concept artists applying for the jobs. While this is appreciated, I do not need them at this time. And if I did, I likely couldn’t pay for it. I’m looking for anime-style inkers and colorists, preferably ones who can do both. Please take note of this before you apply.

If you are interested, please contact me with your price and some portfolio piece at: BlackMagicWolfProductions@gmail.com.

I thank you for your time, and I hope to talk with some of you soon.