eheheh yeah i made these 2 concepts for a personal project...i think i'm not gonna use any of those cause i don't like them thought the whole process was made mostly to get used to the character design pipeline. So the goal of these 2 concepts was to get 2 ideas from thumbnail silouettes to sketched concets with a definite form, that can be asily read. Itried to go with just vaue but..i found it hard..mostly cause i'm not familiar with doing things i needed to break things up with colors first and then shade. The first one (left one) the marine was started shading with different color then i just realized that i could dodge/burn in photoshop to get a much faster and smother the second one (right one) was done that was...but i must say that it looks boring...and just a 4years old kid monster with no depth or interest whatsoever....the other is better it gives me the feel of some miyazaki stuff least to me ehehe it lacks of detail i guess and that's intended but i think it looks a bit confused too...but at this point i don't know if it's ok or not...again these are meant to be sketches from with to pick something to actually use and bring to a finished level..don't know...i'd like some thoughts on it...critics and comments..also on the colring methodswould be really appreciated!!
thanks for reading thorught this anyway hehe =)

edit: the2 flying things near them are their sort of pets or fellows heheh