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    concepts would like to be reviewed =)

    eheheh yeah i made these 2 concepts for a personal project...i think i'm not gonna use any of those cause i don't like them thought the whole process was made mostly to get used to the character design pipeline. So the goal of these 2 concepts was to get 2 ideas from thumbnail silouettes to sketched concets with a definite form, that can be asily read. Itried to go with just vaue but..i found it hard..mostly cause i'm not familiar with doing things i needed to break things up with colors first and then shade. The first one (left one) the marine was started shading with different color then i just realized that i could dodge/burn in photoshop to get a much faster and smother the second one (right one) was done that was...but i must say that it looks boring...and just a 4years old kid monster with no depth or interest whatsoever....the other is better it gives me the feel of some miyazaki stuff least to me ehehe it lacks of detail i guess and that's intended but i think it looks a bit confused too...but at this point i don't know if it's ok or not...again these are meant to be sketches from with to pick something to actually use and bring to a finished level..don't know...i'd like some thoughts on it...critics and comments..also on the colring methodswould be really appreciated!!
    thanks for reading thorught this anyway hehe =)

    edit: the2 flying things near them are their sort of pets or fellows heheh

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    Okay.. From here on, you don't have dodge/burn tools. I just deleted them. They don't exist. You can't use them. You may have them back in five years or so.

    That solved.. Shade with colour! If you want depth and life, don't use black for shadows and white for highlights. Use purple and red and yellow and green. Shade like you'd do in a traditional medium - mix together a darker colour and paint over the shaded parts, don't take shortcuts like the burn tool.

    Your second critter lacks a lot of midvalues in his limbs, making them look very odd. You have very dark places and highlighted places - where are the midvalues? Also the shading doesn't go with the shapes of the limbs; the shading suggests they're all tubes while the outlines say otherwise.

    For the first one, there are some anatomical issues. The arm closest to us is too long; the elbow should stop around his waist, now it's down to his hips. Also the shoulder, er, thingy, isn't consistent in shape. I like the pattern you got there, like a piece of sky; you should do the same with the thing around his hips. He needs some darker shadows around his bum and his head/helmet needs to be defined a bit better - right now I have no idea what it's supposed to be.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    aha! thanks a lot for the critics welll yes it helps....of course..well the main thing i wanted to achieve was a nice definition of form and it looks like i didn`t succede in it eheh well i felt the headpiece was vague and uhm...the arms are actually supposed to be there XD i like the idea of them starting a from the they sometimes do in 4arms creatures. uhm...but i guess i should have hinted that a bit more in his back. The second one yes..was just dodged and burned...and ok i was trying to find what was the wrong feeling about it..and well if you say it`s the midvalues than i think you answered the question i had in my head during all the day XD i`ll try to add some midvalues and see the difference XD eheh well i wanted to try dodge and burn...i`m in a period where i don`t know where to go so i`m trying the more stuff i can to see what works and what doesn`t heh.
    about the limbs..i didn`t really know what was going on there myself...i must admit..or better i had an idea at first but when i was coloring and stuff it just disappeared T_T
    so well i guess i have more clear views on how to get the others understand the form...the most important thing is...understand it yourself XD ehehe i`ll try start painting a bit right now i have no idea of what it is like heheh
    thanks again for the critics eheh really appreciated..i`ll see if i manage to rework them in a better way
    thanks again

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