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    My latest pieces

    Here's something I have made in past few days. Comments please.

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    Nice work, especially for your age! You might look into doing some facial anatomy studies for more of a realistic look to your people.

    Keep posting that art!
    "Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter." -Oscar Wilde

    My Sketchbook

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    the first one is far better. compositionally it is more engaging, figure is placed with greater purpose than the second piece. color harmony is a bit distracting. the local color of the objects in relation tot he background are fairly harsh in comparison to a grayscale figure who seems a bit dark.

    my advice is to reference nude figures to get a better foundation for the breasts. make a folder hidden somewhere special, go to some softcore porn websites, and start collecting an unhealthy supply of reference photos. the breasts are the first thing i noticed (and its directly where every straight male's eyes will go first) so they need to be top notch. any awkwardness in her jiggly-regions will set a lowered expectation for the rest of the figure. i don't make the rules, that's just how our perverted eyes work.

    her face seems dark, it could use more extreme values (namely highlights) which will better render the form making it seem less flat.

    establishing a light source will make the figure's parts seem more cohesive. right now it feels like the arms chest, shoulders, popsicle, hands, face are all operating seperately instead of being a united figure.

    the toungue is a bit much, unless this is the spawn of gene simmons.

    her shoulders aren't very slender, they seem to be round masses on the tops of her arms, like she's been carrying a hiking backpack for the first half of her life.

    i wouldn't crop of the top of her head. it reads visually as cramping the figure. the subject in this case needs some breathing room, so the viewer can visually explore the image without thinking that this is a tight, suffocating scene.

    perspective on the popsicle in relation to the angle of the hand should have it receed in space, but instead the popsicle is parallel to the picture plane.

    the ear is too low and looks like it came off a 90 year old man.

    the hair is too simplified with the same suggestive marks. it reads more as a plastic one-piece wig than as individual strands through implied marks.

    i'm really surprised the bakini top isn't also colored with the same pink/lime green color scheme. i'm not sure if it'd be a good addition or not. on one hand, a greater sense of balance would be achieved if a third colored object was provided, but it might be too much of an easy answer and look like a gimmick. hmm...

    the eyebrow is bothering me too, its too much on the side of her head instead of being on the eye socket's brow region. eyebrows on people's temples are scary. almost as scary as when people have no eyebrows (or artistic skill) and they use those makeup pencils and draw on their eyebrows. old ladies always draw those pointed hawk-jack-nicholson-esque eyebrows, and they hang out in grocery stores looking like they just went to a funeral and say to you "hey you're a tall young-un' couldja reach that bulk sized box of heavy flow tampons for a scary old lady like me sweety? bless your heart, you look jus' like my dead 3rd husband" then she leans in closer and says "the sex was wild with him, but just between you and me, it was no accident he died while eating dinner if you catch my drift, taught him not to mess with his of a secretary." OH GOD, YOU EVIL EYEBROWLESS BITCH!

    yeah sorry for going off on a tangent, but that's what the eyebrows look like.
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