Hey guys,

I'm looking to start up a web comic as a hobby and I'm looking for an artist, since I'm miserably incompetent at anything beyond stick figures.

This is a non-paying job; however, on the off-chance that people start liking the comic and what-not, we'd be equal partners (of course, since you're the artist, if you are looking to upgrade your tools or whatever, that's open for discussion).

Anyway, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me talk a bit about the styles of art I would prefer.

Here are a couple of comics that might give you an idea of the range of styles I'd prefer:

Dominic Deegan

I'm not traditionally a fan of this style of art, I think it's too angular and doesn't really have the level of realism I'm searching for...

But beggars can't be choosers and Mookie does a great job in that style, enough to overcome my inhibitions relating to that style. If you draw that way but you've got decent command over angles, lighting, details and stuff like panel layout, I'd be happy to have a peak at your stuff.

Juathuur is another one of those comics that has a style I don't traditionally go for but somehow makes it work with creative lighting and what-not.


This is actually a great example of for what I'm looking; Sylvia's stuff has a good level of detail, great usage of backgrounds... but there's also a particular darkness to her art that seems to suit the kind of storylines I'd be spinning. This is probably the closest to my ideal art style.

Anyway, for more information, please contact me at tsherkin at yahoo dot com.