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    The Hanging Tree

    Hello there,

    My very first post here! I finally decided to take the plunge and upload some stuff.
    Here is something I just started working on this morning, and i felt it was a nice idea to take pictures at several stages of painting to show the progress. What you see here is a very early WIP, I just put some colours on after gessoing a piece of wood I found lying around. I'm painting with oils.

    The theme of this painting is actually based on a song by the fantastic band Arena, called "The Hanging Tree". I was listening to it and decided to make a painting of it. Since the song has a very gloomy and mysterious feel to it, I want to keep it dark, and perhaps add lots of fog later on. The blue mass at the bottom will become water, with waterfalls above it. The purple area to the right will become a person, the main character of the song.

    Oh, and the black part aound the painting is just some sort of experiment. I wanted the painting to have another shape than the ususal rectangle, hence the round underside.

    If you can spot something that I really should correct, now's the time to say it, because I can still change it. I will promise to get a better picture next time BTW!
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    Cool pic

    Is that water coming down from the tree? or is that a big crack in the rock?

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    The blue coming down the rocks will be waterfalls, they are mentioned in the songs lyrics. I believe the tree really stands for the "roots", the starting point, and the main character (it is from a concept album) should follow the river upstream to get back to it's source, the tree. I'm not sure if its the exact meaning of the song, but I like it.

    O, and as I promised I will update from time to time. Enthusiastic as I was I have already started to block in some shadows, and some highlights. I'm really just experimenting with colours, without much knowledge of colour theory, so if you have a suggestion, by all means tell me. Again, sorry for the bad pic, but I don't have better means of photographing it at the moment.

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