I just received this letter in the mail that says that the Scholastic Corporation wants to purchase one of my pieces for a flat fee of $250.00. They said that this was not a market price, but an "honorarium for (my) efforts in the visual arts. Having (my) art included in a corporate collection like Scholastic's is a major step in an artist's career".
I think it's worth a little more than $250.00, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity.

However, they want me to fill out the purchase form by Wednesday, June 13. If this is a permanent collection, why do they need my consent right away?

Here's my main problem: I have no record/print of this work except for a little analog photograph of it at an odd angle. Are these purchasers willing to lend it to me to let me get a print made? Are they willing to make a print/good picture of it if I pay them?

And generally, from your experience, is it a good idea to sell art? I'm not even in college yet, so I'm thinking that I might want to keep all my work as a portfolio, especially since this particular work is so different from my usual-- it would better show the breadth of my work.
Will missing one work make-or-break you when having it reviewed by employers?