Art: Painting for wizards of the coast

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    Painting for wizards of the coast

    Here is an image that was done for wizards some bit ago . but was called up for a re haul , strange considering it was done a while ago . I will post the different version when done .

    Want to say also thanks for the amazing sharing of great work i have witness on here it is really inspiring to see other artists contributions .

    please any comment and crits most welcome .


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    very nice!
    looks sci-fi
    i thought wizards was only fantasy?

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    thanks davi ,
    wizards is mainly fantasy but this was dione for its alternity line which was for sure super sci fi

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    hey jacques,
    i met you a few years ago in steve assael's painting class. really nice colors here.

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    the creature in the back looks like he has no right hand...or it's grabbing it's own neck? I probably just can't see the detail becuase its a small version. but the wing coming out the right side of the head kinda bothers me. i like symetry, specially with wings/ears. but the color and atmosphere are very strong. thanks fer posting it

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    Thanks for the post clodhopper, the creature isnt grabbing its own neck actually. i supoose in the reproduction of the painting it didnt translate as well.
    there was a bit of a value change that showed the hand better.the creatures hand is actually open with it's thumb actually over the area of the necklace, in the redo i will make sure to naot such considerations forsake reproduction.

    i saw some of your 3d posts that were most imperessive . keep em coming !

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    when I saw the guy holding the gun , I thought: oh, Glenn Danzig. So now I gotta ask if Danzig been some kinda ref, because it sure looks like him

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    i can assue you its not danzig =)

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    ArtObsessed Guest
    I like it! Not sure who Danzig is though. I am relatively new to this realm of art... gotta love it. Hey Sym, post some more. (-:

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    i can assure you its not danzig =)

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    ok, just some crazy line of thought :rock: (btw danzig is a rockstar )

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    Blankfrank Guest
    All I have to say is, I wish I had done this. Love it. (yeh maybe the claw/hand could shift to the left so it would break out of the neck area some.) But who cares...

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    TerroX Guest
    I'm sure the users would be interested in any shreds of information about what wizards currently has planned for Alternity - as the product was dropped quite some time ago.

    Alternity players all feel the Alternity ruleset is by far the best Scfi-Fi and all-purpose RPG system to date, balanced and flexible. (nearly 1000 registered users - quite a few double ups though :p)

    I would hate to hear that it will become a D20 product though, so if it is don't tell me

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    blankfrank- thanks for the comments

    terrox- i dont think wizars has any plans to relauch alternity , if they do fully i dont knwo about it , if u liekd that u may want to check out ,golm the universal darkness, which is another property i did art for as well . its been int he making for sometime and is due for release any day now ill post perlim and comps for some of the jobs done for this line , for which i have many .

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    TerroX Guest
    sounds good

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    Hudnut Guest
    Wow, that's a nice piece. The right forearm of the winged beast keeps the composition flowing, but the hand is then hard to see. Always there are compromises with composition. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.


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    thanks hudnut , i most certainly welcome comments of all kinds related to anything i do . i really consider what is said and often people have really valid points about things i certialy dont see , thanks for the kind words .

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    hudnut , saw your site, it was out of control!!! great work man!

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    Hudnut Guest

    Thanks man, I much appreciate the compliment. Coming from you, I appreciate it even more. Thanks.

    I noticed another thing about your piece on this thread that you might find interesting. It appears as if the rightmost hand on the bottom of the guy's rifle COULD be the hand of the girl on the right. Of course, I know it's not, but the angle on the bottom of the front of the gun is in just the right place to be the girl's forearm. I'm sure at full rez, it's more clear whose hand is whose, but I thought I'd point it out. An interesting tangency of forms. But your painting still rocks.

    What medium was it? Digital? Traditional?

    Post more good stuff, I'd love to see it.


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    Hey Jacques,

    Hudnut this piece looks traditional to me. I don't know much about wizards. Are they strictly fantasy? I guess I'll put together some dragon and elf samples or something. Heard they're not to receptive to new talent though. Only one way to find out. What was this originally used for? Have you considered going digital if you haven't already? Lockwood's been doing some amazing stuff. I think he's using painter. I've been having a ball with photoshop. Don't think it really matters which program you use.

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    This image was done in oil on masonite . very simple .
    As for digital paint i have quite enjoyed using and doing work in photoshop and am now embarking on doing alot of work in painter .

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    TerroX Guest
    using photoshop before learning painter will cause cerebral damage - I would suggest all artists ignore photoshop until they have learnt how to use Painter brushes and Painter layers (after using Photoshop for many years before bothering to actually learn painter, was quite a task to rewire the brain for Painter use - I can swap from 3D Studio Max to Lightwave 3D to InfiniD fine, but painter and photoshop seem quite opposing in their workflow..)

    Photoshop = editing photos, existing images
    Painter = creating new images

    Though if you don't have a tablet/stylus, Painter would not be much use to you.

    my 2c as a someone who has been not using his graphics software enough.

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    Great work

    well done.

    i like to see and you never have to do this. Is to let some areas go so that there not all of equal value.
    like her back leg or some other places if it 100 percent sharp all over your eye has no rest and your not leading me into what you really want me to look at.

    just a suggestion for some other works at some other time maybe.

    Darrell Bowman
    Freelance render

    Blog This!

    Draw Draw Draw
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