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Thread: What to do??? Someone in the Game Industry.. please read (need advice)

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    What to do??? Someone in the Game Industry.. please read (need advice)

    Ok... So I live in Tucson right now, and I'm finishing up my gen ed. at PCC.. Now I'm going to a year round school... That seems to blow most out of the water in terms of technology, and generally being awesome.. The University of Advancing Technology or UAT in Tempe, AZ..

    Here's my major problem.. I am trying to get much better at my art/illustration skills in general.. That's coming along nicely.. Still, I want to work in the Game Industry, and I feel I have some great ideas.. I once posed an idea to the creators of Pox Nora and they said my idea is something they are not even capable of accomplishing at the time, but would love to have started working on it from the start..

    Anyway, that was a bit off topic.. My problem is that I don't know what program to get my BA in.. Game Art and Design, or Digital Design and Animation.. Both programs are really something else.. They even have a theoretical biology class for C.O.W. type stuff..
    Its just, I don't know whether or not I'm going to improve my skills in art if I'm too busy being swept away by the Game Design Curriculum.. Which is basically a break down of how games are made, and then a bunch of ideas on how to do things in the gaming arena... Whereas the Digital Art and Animation degree has a ton of stuff for learning Maya, 3dsmax, Zbrush, and the like..

    I'm just not sure..

    any ideas?

    take care
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    Howdy extinctink. Sounds like you need to decide whether you want to be a game artist, game designer, or animator. Keep in mind that traditionally game designers come from any and every background, but artists typically come from a strict art background. (In other words, it may well be easier later in your career to move from game art to game design than vice versa.)

    Check out the thread in my sig on the games industry. If you still have questions after reading that, ask me. :-)

    About ideas. . . they’re a dime a dozen. 99% of game-making is idea implementation. Train yourself to be good at implementing ideas, and you’ll have a much better shot at getting into the industry.

    Good luck!
    I think you are awesome, and I wish you the best in your endeavors, but I am tired of repeating myself, I am very busy with my new baby, and I am no longer a regular participant here, so please do not contact me to ask for advice on your career or education. All of the advice that I have to offer can already be found in the following links. Thank you.

    Perspective 101, Concept Art 101, Games Industry info,Oil Paint info, Acrylic Paint info, my sketchbook.
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    I think

    I think I would like to be a game artist.. with a basic knowledge of animation.. Still it seems like I could learn more about 3d rendering in the animation program.. The game art program is kind of iffy.. idk.. have you ever checked out UAT? maybe you can spot something in their program that might help me out.. its weird.. or maybe i'm just crazy..

    btw i did once read your page, i love it, and it helped me out a lot, i'm still just kind of confused about what program to take at this specific school

    thank you,
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