Process: "Street Fighters :: sakura"

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    Process: "Street Fighters :: sakura"

    here are a few jpegs i took during the making... not much to learn from it, but this is the first time ever i show some of the process. you can even have the previous paper sketch!

    first big intentions on the whole piece...

    defining some areas

    i found it funny to see that with detail, the line could have disappeared if ever i would have intended to!

    here i already changed a little here eyes, i realized they were not good.

    that's all, you already know the end!

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    Q & A

    Q: Your line weight is incredibly precise and yet flowing. Do you draw directly on the computer?
    Do you draw underlays to understand the form and work out the composition first, or do you just have at it?
    A: I pencil straight onto the paper some 4 or 5 great curves along the pages : it allows me to "see" already the forms and the placements of the characters and all parts of the compo.
    Then, I pencil the rest with care, but energy. And, you've got the sketch you see above. The 4 first long lines are too light to be seen by the scanner.

    Q: Do you find yourself using photo references very often, or are your images completely created from your head?
    A: I never, never use any photo ref. but aside from my work, I happened to love (and so remind) images taken by great photohraphers like Berenice Abbott or Henri Cartier-Bresson, when I had time before being becoming a designer. So, I guess a lot of elements were kept somewhere in my mind... :)

    thx again!!

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