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Thread: The Real Matt's real sketchbook

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    The Real Matt's real sketchbook

    Hi all, I've been lurking around here for at least a couple of months finally decided its time to share some work. I guess I should tell you a bit about me. I'm 22, I'm an animator but animation work where I live is few and far between, which Is why I want to get into illustration. I doubt any of this stuff is polished enough to go in the finally finished section, but I like to keep things a little sketchy.

    now on with the show, critiques demanded!

    1. An old concept for a 3d model I made. This guy is almost a year old now, but I still like it.

    2. Brain freezy. A quick 1 hour spur of the moment pic.

    3. A cartoon of me with some commentary about myself.

    4. A quick boogeyman sketch done in charcoal.

    5. A rabbit done in the same style as the boogeyman

    6. a Funnel Web Spider. used a photo for reference. the first decent piece I drew when I first bought a tablet. obviously it still needs a background, but I probably won't ever finish it.

    7. something I drew when I was really hung over

    8. And finally, I've bought into the hype the dark knight and the new pics of the joker which were just released so I had to draw my own. Its got its problems but i'm pretty happy with it.

    thats all for now. hopefully I can update this every week. not every dump will be this big, some of the above stuff is old.
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    another update already

    1. A cat skull done in charcoal. used a photo as reference

    2. A bird skull, charcoal, photo reference

    3. Can't remember what animal this is, oh well. It was an attempt at using oil pastels again used a photo for reference.

    4. an experiment, which I don't think worked out at all. I laid down a thick layer of oil pastels and scratched out this picture. ended up being a waste of pastels.

    5. And finally some 3D work I did a while back.
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    a couple of small updates. Theres more sketches in my sketchbook, but my scanner can only just pick up the faintest outline and no amount of tweaking in photoshop short of redrawing the entire thing will help. so heres what i've got.

    1. Just an idea I've been playing with.

    2. skull fish, I couldn't fit it all in the scanner.

    3. A cheshire cat I guess.

    and lastly I don't know if anyones interested but heres a couple of links to my 3D demo reels.
    animation demo reel -

    modeling and texturing demo reel -
    this one is pretty old now, but modeling and texturing is no longer my focus
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    twisted thoughts. twisted thoughs. i sense some tim burton in you. ..but yeah once again. i like the twisted thoughts
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