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    I am looking to purchase a digital tablet for drawing in Photoshop. I have never used one before and have no idea which one to buy, or where the best place to get one is.
    I looked on New Egg but it seemed that their selection was lacking.
    I appriciate anyone who can give me some insite.


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    hey j!
    ummm... wanted to try and help you out with the site where i got my 9x12 intuous 3. it's a really great tablet... starting to really enjoy it these days actually. back when i got it, i picked it up bundled with corel painter 9. You can get just a tablet or the bundle there... but painter is pretty sweet. my preference for the quick and dirty speedpaint is still photoshop though.

    looking forward to meeting you at the next catl mini events! possibly one of us will be digi painting but that's kind of sporadic. great to get back to the pencil / pen / paint / paper, right? cheers.

    can fill u in on more catl info via PM sometime tomorrow... getting late right now: introduce yourself in the CATL-discussion thread maybe???


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    Thanks for the help gug!
    Do you think there is a big difference when you go up in size on your tablet?
    The money seems to increase significantly as you go up a size.

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    I've written a "Buying Guide" about the Wacom range, which you can find here. Might help you out a bit! It's solely based on my own experience though.

    Do you think there is a big difference when you go up in size on your tablet?
    When you are going up in the different series there is certainly a big difference. The professional Intuos range has a lot more pressure sensitivity and resolution than the Graphire or Volito series. My experience is that the bigger the monitor you work on the bigger your tablet should be. It's just about precision. I have a Wacom Intuos A5, working on a 1280x800 screen resolution (laptop) works just fine, but when I move up to my desktop with a 20" monitor it feels awkward, due to the difference in resolution. If the resolution gets higher, but the tablet doesn't get bigger, you move your cursor faster from one point to the other, due to the absolute positioning system.

    On the other hand, if you're just getting to know working with tablets, it won't be a problem to you to work on an A5 on any monitor.
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