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Thread: Where to begin?

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    Where to begin?

    What's up

    I'm new to this forum, and would like to learn everything I possibly can from everyone. What are the most important things I need to know?


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    Tristan Elwell
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    size of scanned images?

    can I reduce the size of my scans? My images are to large to send. Is their anyone who can explain this to me?

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    where to beging at the start....
    what do you want to do? Do you want to draw fantasy, buildings, paint, what area....

    look at all the tools you will need for that area and focus on the fundementals.

    Say it is superheroes, ok you need to know anatomy
    once you get the hang of anatomy you need to focus on design for costumes etc ....
    then they are going to have to have somewhere to hang out and fight evil... ok backgrounds so you need perspective to create somewhere with depth

    this a broad overview of one example

    as for the scans

    when you are scanning an image you should be able to pick the resolution
    300dpi is print quality
    180dpi in between

    and 72 dpi is web quality- use this one for posting on the web

    you should be able to change the resolution in photoshop or painter. through image- size

    "There aren't any shortcuts. You've got to dig in – study and draw the world around you. This is the only way to hone your skill and develop a style that is your own". GREG CAPULLO

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