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    naming personal website for art

    I can't help wondering, but what is the norm in naming of websites to display your artwork (personal gallery, portifolo, etc.) Do people usually use their name, like,, or do they try to come up with something catchy? I am planning to set up my own website to display my artwork, and perhaps to sell (assuming anyone even want my stuff!!). I want to know what is the best way to name the website, with my name or something else that people would remember?

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    I think using one's own name is the norm, also the most formal and professional way, but if you have something that's catchy, original and appropriate, you could use it.

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    I guess if it's you your selling then its good to go for your name (luckly I have a name that wasnt taken when I wanted freind chris brown had a bizach of a time when he wanted to name his site after himself, his name plus the postfixes "design" "art" etc were all taken. I personaly like alex pardee's site: ...freeking awsome illustrations too

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    problem with, if you mention it by mouth, they might take down isuckink, causing complications with possible clientel! so make it easy to pronounce and understandable.

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    also depends what your name is. in my case i wouldn't use mine because it's pretty difficult to write and remember.
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    there is no set way,
    to use your name is professional but at the same time personal

    if your name is John Smith you might need something catchy especially if someone wants to find your site through Google.

    If you have a business then you would use that name.

    Pick something that is
    1. easy tor remember
    2. don't confuse people like the example of eyesuckink might
    3. relates to the business, so plumbling fixtures for an art website might not be the best choice

    "There aren't any shortcuts. You've got to dig in – study and draw the world around you. This is the only way to hone your skill and develop a style that is your own". GREG CAPULLO

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    As long as it's logical and memorable, you're good. A site like might not stick in someone's head, but it's hard to misspell and it's a very accurate description of what to expect. A name like might describe your art, but it's pretentious, it's too long, and no one would ever know that it's a site devoted to paintings. A name like is great, and a simple is nice, especially if you have a unique name. As long as they can get to your site without being offended, it doesn't matter.

    If a name's taken, I'd advise against choosing an alternate like .us or .biz, since people might go to .com, see a different site, and give up on you. Just find a different name.

    Hope that helps.

    edit: haha, I just noticed that you said John Smith as well, TomWaits. Pure coincidence, I promise.
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    You can always do a combination of both!



    or even set it up as a sub-domain of a bigger art site you want to make. Such as:

    That way you can add your buddies onto your site too and collect a small fee to help pay for the site!

    Make it as long or short as you like, but remember clear/concise and shorter names are easier to remember!

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