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Thread: Polydrawer's Sketchbook (A mix of all spices)

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    tnx for the comments

    Tex: yeah i`m using zbrush , it`s a strange UI but once you get used to it you don`t want another sculpting program
    When it comes to the sculpting itself you just need to make sure you build up your forms one subdivision at a time, you can apply every technique you use when drawing when it comes to construction of anatomy.
    just start with the general shapes at lower subdivisions and leave details until the very end (claytubes is great for blocking in shapes).

    I can`t recommend any videotutorials because i don`t really use them for 3d but i do know there are some introduction to zbrush tutorials out there that should give you an in depth view of the UI. Also don`t be tempted to go for zbrush 3.5 with all the fancy new features. imo 3.1 is a better version to start out with because it gives you all the tools you need without distracting you with extras that 3.5 offers.

    hope it helps

    here are some more speedsculpts and fanart for mr delicious

    Polydrawer's Sketchbook (A mix of all spices)

    Polydrawer's Sketchbook (A mix of all spices)

    Polydrawer's Sketchbook (A mix of all spices)
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    My Sketchbook
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