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    Help! I may have lost my way

    Hello everyone, i Prefer to lurk in the shadows, but to day i finally came out out the darkness. I love art with all my heart and i think that i am a fairly good artist. I need advice or other artists similar experiences. Only a fellow art can help me with this one I will give you all a quick version and a long version. I don't know why i am giving you all both, but oh well.

    I i have more than enough time on my hands to draw yet i can't draw a thing because i feel that i am missing something.

    Long Version:
    I started college in the summer of 06 and since then i never had time to draw unless i was waiting for class, bored in class, or was in my art class. as time passed onward i really never had time to draw and said i would start drawing this summer. well summer is here I have more time than i need to draw and i feel that i have lost something important to me. I Love art to death and i want to draw, but something or someone (me) is holding me back and i don't know how to break free of this. I really want to start back drawing. Please, anyone, Help!

    the fist picture is a freestyle i did in October i think and the seconded is a look alike i did in the July of 2006

    sorry about the sizes
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    Short answer: Stop drawing Anime. Buy some anatomy books. Draw from life.

    Once you get started with that, people will be more than happy to help you along. Good luck.

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    Hey Nas! I'm sure most people on here will understand where your coming from, drawing fan based pictures... most of people that become highly skilled start out this way also. And then drawing similar pictures from the techniques you've learned. But drawing anime and only concentrating on anime isn't what CA is completely about. I'd really love to see some work of life drawings and unique composition ideas. Start a sketchbook, keep showing anime if you like, but the real meat and potatoes is trying to understand how to draw realism. So show us some drawings from life and anatomy studies. I'd say most loose their intrest in anime after that, but even if you don't your skills at it will increase by leaps and bounds. So there's really nothing to loose.

    Also, it sounds like you might be putting to much pressure on yourself to "start back up". You didn't quit, you just stopped momentarily. It sounds like perhaps your scared that your next piece or pieces will just look like crap and you'll just fail to ever make anything decent, like you'll never be good enough. But with every picture artist are stopping and then starting again. Quitting is just never doing it ever again. You on the other hand have just stopped momentarily. Your definitely gonna make some crap "sometime" ... everyone does. You just have to keep refining your approach even if it takes a bunch of crappy pictures till you get to one your kinda proud of, and so on.
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    Thanks for the input. I'm going to start back drawing from life.

    Thank you for you reply. I think I finally found my answer thanks to you. I kind was feeling pressured to not draw crappy art, but like you said we all draw crap from time to time. We just have to realize that and learn from that work and better our selfs. thank you again. I'm going to step back into reality and do so realism art. Then later on walk back into the anime world. Thank you again.

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    Copying other illustrations is good for understanding techniques but you'll end up shorting yourself in the long run. You don't learn anatomy by copying pretty illustrations, you just mimic their methods and their flaws.

    Also, your images are rather large, perhaps you should resize them before attaching them to the post again.

    As other suggested looking at realism, helps you learn to draw fantasy, believe it or not. So studying anatomy and life drawing is critical.

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